Seafood Ranch Grill Customer Reviews

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Been to a lot of “Turo Turo” from OC to LA, by far hands down this place knocks it out of the park!! The Dinuguan is well balance, spaghetti is die for, best Adobo anywhere👌👌 Fr. Irvine


I really love their proportions!!! They give you a lot except for the rice. Small scoops.


A friend of mine brought some palabok. Best palabok I ever had. Very tasty.

Genie V

I use to live across the street from this store for many years & was never happy with it – then i move – a change of ownership & wow – i really love this place – whenever i need my filipino food, i know where to go! plus with the revolving menu – i can eat something very different just by going on a different day great ownership – customer service & everything else you’d want in a friendly eatery – recommend them highly!


Love this place as they have great food. Their breakfast is so good. We come here for pretty much everything. I love the little market.